A majority of this is Exam Prep material is intuitive, but there are a few things I would like to point out that will help you study more efficiently.

1) All the bold questions will be asked on during your practical test.
2) The italicized questions will probably not be asked during the test, but by understanding these questions you will be able to more efficiently answer the questions that will be on the test.
3) All other questions are common practical test questions.

Take care and fly safe

PRIVATE PILOT - Certificates and Documents

For any flight, what personal documents must you bring with you?
You must have a medical certificate, a pilot certificate, and a government issued photo ID in your possession.

How do you know if your pilot certificate is valid?
The validity of a pilot certificate is based on whether or not the pilot has completed a flight review, or upgraded their pilot certificate in the last 24 months.

How long does the flight review take to complete?
Flight reviews must consist of at least 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour of flight instruction.

If you do not complete a flight review within 24 months, what happens to your certificate?
You may not exercise the privileges of that certificate.

As a pilot how can you get paid to fly?
The most common way to get paid as a private pilot is to get reimbursed for the pro rata cost of the flight. You may also be reimbursed for the total cost of the flight if the flight is for search and rescue purposes, if conducting a charity flight, or if operating for disaster relief. Other examples of getting paid to fly include; flights that are incidental to a non-flying business, an aircraft salesperson demoing an aircraft (pilot must have 200 hours), and towing a glider or an ultra light aircraft if they meet the requirements in FAR 61.69.

Are there any limitations to the different types of airplanes you could fly after getting your private pilot certificate?
First you may only fly the airplanes you are qualified to fly. For example, Airplane Single Engine Land aircraft. Also within this ASEL limitation, you can't fly any airplane with more than 200 horsepower, that is a tailwheel, that is capable of flying at altitudes above 25,000 feet, or has retractable gear, retractable flaps and a controllable pitch propeller, unless you have the appropriate endorsements.

What is needed if the airplane is over 12,500lbs?
In order to operate an airplane that has a maximum takeoff weight more than 12,500lbs you must be trained in the aircraft and receive a type rating.

Are you required to log all your flights?
No, you are only required to log flights which you will need to show proof of when applying for an additional rating or certificate, or when showing proof of meeting recent flight experience requirements.

When is a safety pilot required for a flight?
Anytime the other pilot is using a view limiting device.

In the above question, can both the pilots log PIC time?
Yes, in this situation both pilots are required for the flight.

What must you do to carry passengers for both day and night flights?
For a day flight, you must complete 3 takeoffs and 3 landings within the proceeding 90 days. For a night flight, you must complete 3 takeoffs and 3 landings to a full stop within the preceding 90 days.

If you are night current, are you day current as well?
Yes, but this rule doesn't apply the other way around.

When can you start logging night landings?
You may log night landings 1 hour after sunset up until 1 hour before sunrise.

Where are official sunset times found?
You can either ask the control tower, or reference the airman's almanac.

Would these landing requirements be any different if you were flying in a tailwheel airplane?
Yes, all your landings would need to be to a full stop, regardless of the time of day.

How long after a change of address do you have to notify the FAA?
You must notify the FAA within 30 days of an address change. An easy way to make this change is to make the change via the FAAs' website.

What will happen if you don't notify the FAA of your address change?
You will be unable to exercise the privileges of your pilot certificate until you do so.