What are the leading symptoms of Hypoxia?
The most obvious symptoms include blue fingertips and lips, confusion, and the inability to concentrate.

What causes Hypoxia?
Hypoxia is typically caused when flying at high altitudes.

What is the corrective action for Hypoxia?
Use supplemental oxygen or descend to a lower altitude.

What are the leading symptoms of hyperventilation?
The symptoms include rapid, short breathing and feeling lightheaded.

What causes hyperventilation?
Situations that can cause stress and/or fear.

What is the corrective action for hyperventilation?
Breathing into a bag in order to breathe in more carbon dioxide.

What are the leading symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Feeling tired and having a headache.

What causes carbon monoxide poisoning?
An exhaust leak in heating system.

What is the corrective action for carbon monoxide poisoning?
Turn off the heating system, open air vents, and use supplemental oxygen if available.

What is the leading symptom of decompression sickness?
Intense pain in the joints.

What causes decompression sickness?
It is usually caused from going scuba diving then going flying.

What is the corrective action for decompression sickness?
The person would need to get to a hospital and be put into a decompression chamber.

How long should you wait to go flying after scuba diving?
It is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours.

What are the leading symptoms of spatial disorientation?
Dizziness and the inability to determine the aircraft's pitch and bank attitude.

What causes spatial disorientation?
Flying in conditions of poor visibility, or when flying without sight of the horizon.

What is the corrective action for spatial disorientation?
Rely on the indications from your flight instruments, and disregard bodily pitch and bank sensations.

What are the leading symptoms of motion sickness?
Pale skin, sweating, loss of appetite, and possible vomiting.

What causes motion sickness?
Over stimulation of the fluids in the inner ear.

What is the corrective action for motion sickness?
Reduce the movement of the aircraft as much as possible, open air vents, loosen clothing, have the person stare at an object off in the distance, and give them a sick bag.

How can stress affect the safety of the flight?
Life stressors can distract the pilot from the duties of flying. You must always conduct with a self assessment prior to each flight to determine whether or not your life circumstances will have a negative effect on your flying ability.

How can fatigue affect the safety of the flight?
When fatigued, it is common to make more mistakes and forget many important items.

What sinus related issues could arise in flight?
Because of the rapid changing pressure experienced during flight, the ears and nasal cavities may not be able to adjust quickly enough to adapt to these changes. The result maybe very intense pain in the ears and lower forehead.

What is the solution for ear and sinus blockage problems?
Usually the pain is experienced more during a descent than when a climb. In the descending situation is much better to climb back up to the cruising altitude and then descent again but at a slower rate. It is also recommended to yawn and chew gum while descending.

What is the rule regarding drinking alcohol and flying?
You may not consume alcohol within 8 hours prior to flying, and your blood alcohol content must be below 0.04%.

Prior to taking over the counter, or prescribed medication, what should you do first?

You should contact your AME and ask if the medication can be safely used while flying.