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A majority of this is Exam Prep website is intuitive, but their are a few things I would like to point out that will help you study more efficiently.
1) This site is best viewed using desktop or laptop. Mobile usage is not compatible at this time.
2) To view the answers to the questions simply hover your mouse cursor below the questions to reveal the answer.
3) All the bold questions will be asked on your practical test questions.
4) The italicized questions will probably not be asked during the test, but by understanding these questions you will be able to more efficiently answer the questions that will be on the test.
5) All other questions are common practical test questions.
6) Questions highlighted in blue when clicked on will show you an image relating to that question.

Once again thank you for your purchase. You truly have a valuable study guide at your fingertips. 
Take care and fly safe.
Ryan Davis