How does the magnetic compass work?

What are the four errors associated with the compass?

How is the turn coordinator powered?

How does the turn coordinators operate?

What is standard rate turn?

How does bank angle and airspeed relate to a standard rate turn?

How do you know whether you're in a slip or skid?

Draw out the vacuum system

What does the vacuum relief valve do?

What is rigidity in space? 

How is the HI and AI mounted? 

What causes a low/high suction reading? 

What is the solution for these low and high pressure situations?

How would you notice a failing vacuum pump?

Draw out the pitot static system.

What happens in the airspeed indicator when airspeed changes?

Why is the static port connected to the airspeed indicator?

What are the issues with a clogged pitot tube and static port?

How do you fix these issues?

What happens when you pull out the alternate static knob?

How does the altimeter work?

How does the VSI work?

What powers the pitot heat?

How does a VOR operate?

What is slant range error and how do you avoid problems that arise from it?

If you are heading directly perpendicular to a DME station, and you're going 100KIAS and you have a 10 knot tailwind, what will the DME show for your groundspeed?

Describe the procedure for flying a DME arc.

What is the difference between an ILS, a LDA, and a SDF?

If you change the OBS during an ILS approach, what will happen to the CDI?

How do you eliminate reverse sensing during a back course approach?

What is the process to track outbound on an NDB bearing?
To determine the heading to intercept this course, you would first fly parallel to the bearing course, then you would note the difference between the tail of the aircraft and the pointer. Let's say the difference was 30 degrees. You would multiply 30 by 2, then fly 60 degrees towards the bearing. Once the ADF pointer change 60 degrees after your turn you would then turn 60 degrees in the opposite direction from the first turn. Now you are tracking outbound on the desired bearing.