In order to stay current as an instrument pilot, what must you do?

When you log these approaches in your logbook, what must be included?

How much of the approach must you complete in order for the approach to be sufficient?

If you are current in a single, are you current in a multi?

If you have only done 5 approaches and a hold in 6 months, what must you do after the first 6 months to get current again?

Who can be considered a safety pilot?

If you're flying with a safety pilot who is instrument rated, can you do your 6-12 month currency in IMC conditions?

Can you do solo practice approaches with a hood on?

Is there any situation where you would need an instrument rating to fly VFR?

What time may an instrument pilot log as instrument flight time?

Are you required to log all your flights?

If you fly with a safety pilot, is there any additional information that you need to include in your logbook?